Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New moderation tool for speakers and panels from Google Docs

Google Docs has a new tool that will help moderators and speakers manage Q&A better. Called Slides Q&A, the tool allows you to share a link on your slide in the Google Slides app. Audience members can submit questions from phones, laptops, or tablets. They also can vote for questions that interest them, so if you get more questions than you can answer in real time, you can sort the most popular ones.

Your audience members get advantages, too, since the app lets them submit questions when they are ready, as well as anonymously, if they wish.

Speakers working with a moderator can let the moderator review the questions and select those to be answered. For a panel, you may wish to combine the presentations into one file in Slides, so the moderator can easily manage and capture the questions. Will you try this new tool when you moderate next? Check out the video below for more details.

(Creative Commons licensed photo by Benjamin Reay)

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