Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How moderators can make the panelists' job easier

You may not think it's your job to make the panelists' job easier when you're the moderator, but if you do just that during the planning for the panel, you too will reap the benefits.

In fact, the moderator is in a unique position to help the speakers, even if they don't seem to think of it as help. Here are some ways you can aid the panelists when you're working with them ahead of the panel:

  • Be a good go-between: You can save the speakers time and keep the panel policies consistent if you carry speaker issues and requests to the organizers, and vice versa.
  • Flag format issues in advance: Both you and the organizer may have format ideas and limits that will affect the time and effort speakers spend in preparing. Tell them early about limits like no slides or a specific number of slides, time for their presentations, whether they can or should promote their services, what audio or video options are available, and so on. 
  • Themes and lines of questioning: If you or the organizer have themes or a specific line of questioning in mind, clue in the speakers before they prepare their contributions. And if you anticipate some controversy, take the time to talk through how you expect to handle it. 
(Creative Commons licensed photo by AIGA/NY)

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