Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting confidence from moderating a panel

Recently, while listening to the "Daughters In Charge" episode of The Broad Experience, a podcast on women's issues, I heard about a panel moderator who gained a valuable gift from her moderation gig.

That moderator was farmer Sara Corey, head of agronomy at Daniel Corey Farms in Monticello, Maine. As a potato farmer still in her twenties, Corey often is the only woman in the room at gatherings of potato farmers in her state--and she was the youngest farmer and first female to win Maine's potato farmer of the year.

The podcast talks about her increasing responsibilities on the farm, and how those give her confidence. So did a panel discussion.

“We recently had a potato conference of Maine and they asked me to moderate part of the section," Corey says on the podcast. "And to get up there and like, you’re looking out and you’re introducing these figures and it’s all men looking back at me, it can definitely be intimidating, can definitely be intimidating. I did it.”

Moderating panels is a great way to build public speaking authority and confidence. And next time, Corey should angle a spot on the panel for herself. I'd love to hear your stories of moderating panels, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned moderator. Email me at eloquentwoman AT gmail DOT com and share your story!

(Corey photo)

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